Trendy Home Town!!

Since starting september. During travels, going out to the town centres, shops. Suprisingly, I have seen far many, girls and women who dress in latest and in trendy outfits. I was just saying to myself, ” Home town has never been so trendy, oh my gosh”. I was suprised, really I was. I even saw some girls, even women wearing outfits, looking like they have just walked out from an Topshop billboard!

 I wouldn’t compare this town to London or Tokyo or most fashionable cities but home town suprised me. lol, I had to write this…

Hello to autumn breeze. My favourite season!

Bye, bye for now…

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‘No sun’

A poem of mine is published on and it’s called ‘No sun’. Well my poem does relate into romance but not much of a common vampire love poem. It does have something connecting into a bit of gothicsum and to say, I heart gothic fiction and most poems and storys which link into vampire’s, dark love and gothic fantasy. (hmmm.. not sure if I put that in the right way but.)

I joined this website because, I feel an interest in Vampires and I am wanting to learn so much more about vampires. The art work of vampires on this website amazed me aswell, I can feel that those artists have a space to place vampire into thier hearts, well I can say so.

Vampire to me is a very open subject to talk or write about.  There is lot more to vampire which I didnt even know about, before. Such as, thier faithful but risk takers. Quentions still remain in my head what a vampire is. Where did it all start?

I dont take vampires as the evil, nasty, vile side. It takes me into inspiration..

—-to be finished later—

Well for a fact they did once bite people and do  have a bitter side but it doesnt mean for me to dislike the vampires.

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Japanese moodboard!

This is one of my Mood Boards I have, which was inspired by Modern Japanese culture, such as Japanese fashion, (Punk style, Lolita and Decro only on here) and there is three pictures of one of the two  Visual Kei musicans.

 Reita = The Gazette, bassist.

 [2 pictures] Takeru = Sug, Vocalist (To note down, through out my reseach of Japanese rock, I saw on Jame World or some kind of website like that, write about Sug on an Oshare kei topic page.)

Anyway, theres nothing to fuss as Sug is colourful and one of my favourite bands on planet earth!

I included  Japanese words written in English letters which are, ‘Kawaii’, ‘Kakoii’ and not a Japanese word but used in Japan as to do the ‘Free Hugs’. < the word I used.

 I’m sorry to you guys but I’m finding so hard to learn writing and reading in Japanese but, I’ll try my best. 🙂

Oh no, I forgot to mention. On the left hand below, next to the Harajuku Lovers bottles, there is ex-guitarist of An Cafe, Bou. 

I made this mood board because I have fallen in love with Japan and still Japan is in the bottom of my heart.

These are the most things the reason why I love Japan.

*Tradiontal and Modern culture.

* Visual kei and Oshare kei.

*Japanese Fashion (street fashion, shops, magazines)



*Art (favourite artist is Takashi Murakami and Hokusai Katasushika.)


and other japanese things are included such J-POP but they are not the biggest things I love.

Well I like some J-POP though 🙂 Understand?

As this is my first piece of work I placed up online, I was nervous what I was going to write and I hope I explanied it clearly. Anyways, if have got any questions, please write them on the comment box and I’d try to respond to them as soon as possible.

Bye for now.

thanks 🙂

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First time.

Hi there, I am Rain. This is the first time I’ll be using a blog for some time. Well, the blogging actually connects to an ambition/ dream I have and need to follow. You may think thats strange but I wont be just blogging personal things only, there’d be storys to share, skecthes, poems and some of my work I’d like to publish…

Here are just small facts about me, as this is the ‘First time’

* A young adult. 

* Am in the UK.

*Am following and trying to speak a full different language which is Japanese but cannot read Kanji, (not yet)

* Will add things which really interest and will talk about, and some of my work..

bye…catch up with you guys soon….

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