Japanese moodboard!

This is one of my Mood Boards I have, which was inspired by Modern Japanese culture, such as Japanese fashion, (Punk style, Lolita and Decro only on here) and there is three pictures of one of the two  Visual Kei musicans.

 Reita = The Gazette, bassist.

 [2 pictures] Takeru = Sug, Vocalist (To note down, through out my reseach of Japanese rock, I saw on Jame World or some kind of website like that, write about Sug on an Oshare kei topic page.)

Anyway, theres nothing to fuss as Sug is colourful and one of my favourite bands on planet earth!

I included  Japanese words written in English letters which are, ‘Kawaii’, ‘Kakoii’ and not a Japanese word but used in Japan as to do the ‘Free Hugs’. < the word I used.

 I’m sorry to you guys but I’m finding so hard to learn writing and reading in Japanese but, I’ll try my best. 🙂

Oh no, I forgot to mention. On the left hand below, next to the Harajuku Lovers bottles, there is ex-guitarist of An Cafe, Bou. 

I made this mood board because I have fallen in love with Japan and still Japan is in the bottom of my heart.

These are the most things the reason why I love Japan.

*Tradiontal and Modern culture.

* Visual kei and Oshare kei.

*Japanese Fashion (street fashion, shops, magazines)



*Art (favourite artist is Takashi Murakami and Hokusai Katasushika.)


and other japanese things are included such J-POP but they are not the biggest things I love.

Well I like some J-POP though 🙂 Understand?

As this is my first piece of work I placed up online, I was nervous what I was going to write and I hope I explanied it clearly. Anyways, if have got any questions, please write them on the comment box and I’d try to respond to them as soon as possible.

Bye for now.

thanks 🙂


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