‘No sun’

A poem of mine is published on http://www.coolest-vampire-art-gallery.com/vampire-love-poems.html and it’s called ‘No sun’. Well my poem does relate into romance but not much of a common vampire love poem. It does have something connecting into a bit of gothicsum and to say, I heart gothic fiction and most poems and storys which link into vampire’s, dark love and gothic fantasy. (hmmm.. not sure if I put that in the right way but.)

I joined this website because, I feel an interest in Vampires and I am wanting to learn so much more about vampires. The art work of vampires on this website amazed me aswell, I can feel that those artists have a space to place vampire into thier hearts, well I can say so.

Vampire to me is a very open subject to talk or write about.  There is lot more to vampire which I didnt even know about, before. Such as, thier faithful but risk takers. Quentions still remain in my head what a vampire is. Where did it all start?

I dont take vampires as the evil, nasty, vile side. It takes me into inspiration..

—-to be finished later—

Well for a fact they did once bite people and do  have a bitter side but it doesnt mean for me to dislike the vampires.


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